Znüni News – Thursday July 8

The SVP is currently in hot waters for two reasons. First, videos have emerged of a meeting in Bern where instead of the 200 people registered, 400 people turned up to listen to speeches and have dinner. No social distancing was observed nor were many masks seen; at the end of the evening group singing took place. All of this goes against the current social distancing concept. To date there has been no official complaint but that could still happen.

The second story took place in spring 2020 in the canton of Thurgau during the local elections. The town clerk of Frauenfeld has been found guilty of having manipulated the elections, registering votes originally for the GLP party to the SVP party instead. He has been condemned to one year in jail and a fine of CHF 3000.- The votes were subsenquently correctly assigned.

The contract for the American fighter jets F-35 the Swiss army wants to buy isn’t signed yet, but the opposition is gearing up to prevent the sale to go through. Several points are being questioned, including the fact that the Americans would then have access to the planes data which does not bode well for an independant army. A cyber company in the Tessin is going to look at the software the planes have in order to see whether it really can be accessed from a foreign agency. The army is countering that today’s jet fighters already are being tracked, willingly, on an American software which is used by all countries belonging to NATO.

According to meteorologist we can expect a lot of rain between today and tomorrow.

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