Znüni News – Wednesday July 7

Finally good news! According to several official sources, by Friday latest the Swiss Covid Certificate app will be recognised in European countries. Paper certificates will continue to be recognised too. Beware and make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or wrong information on your certificate as this could lead to it not being accepted.

The canton of Lucerne produced 173 000 tons of garbage in 2020, that is 460 tons less than in previous years. This still is an average of 418 kilos of waste per inhabitant. The lower number can be, in part, explained by the fact that there were fewer paper and cardboard collections.

Cats and dogs do not seem to be the only victims of the holidays. Goldfish and turtles are often found dumped in ponds and lakes around the region. This causes a big problem for the local fauna and flora and local authorities are asking people to not release their pets in the wild.

The bad weather is proving very costly. Last week’s hail storms did not just cause 60 million francs worth of damage as first thought, but actually 200 million francs with over 12 000 insurance claims being filed. The bad weather has also caused the cherry crop from the Zug region to be close to non existent. The frost and low temperatures end of May, as well as the hail storms have nearly wiped out the whole crop.

The rain will continue until this Friday, it is expected that up to 100 litres per square meters could fall by then with the risk that streams and rivers will overflow.

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