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Who would have thought that the humble potato would make the headlines? But the pandemic effects everything, and there are 9000 tonnes of potatoes in surplus at the Frigero factory. This factory makes french fries, röstis etc.. mainly for restaurants, but as these are closed the orders have stopped. Their

It looks like despite our optimism the Centre will remain closed until at least the end of February, so we have decided to offer more online events to help us remain connected

The upcoming referendums contain controversial topics which have been keeping the press and politicians very occupied these past few months. Surveys show that all three motions are too close to call at this stage. Read on to find out more #referendums #information #politics

This year Christmas will feel different for everyone, in fact it may be the first time that many people will not be going "home" to spend the festive days with the family. Although the local celebrations have been pared down there are several festive activities going on in and around

Today the number of cases is 1343, the national average is 5% less than a week ago, showing that the number of cases of new variants are growing. According to the health minister we have reached the bottom of the curve and numbers are probably going to go up. However

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