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Today is December 1st and meteorologically the first day of winter. If you were up early enough you may have briefly enjoyed a winter wonderland out of your window before the snow turned to rain. However the snow has led to chaos on the roads so be sure to drive

Friday Fancy sampling a Bünzli Teller? On Friday evening (from 18:00 - 22:00) the Alpineum Kaffeehaus Bar (Denkmalstrasse 11) will be serving up delicious Cordon Bleu with all the trimmings! They have a vegetarian option available and it's also possible to request a vegan bleu if you contact them in advance!

Yesterday the Swiss went to the urns to decide on a series of issues on the national, cantonal and local levels. We wrote about the various topics recently and you can read about them here. Here are the results: Für verantwortungsvolle Unternehmen – zum Schutz von Mensch und Umwelt – For responsible

This year Christmas will feel different for everyone, in fact it may be the first time that many people will not be going "home" to spend the festive days with the family. Although the local celebrations have been pared down there are several festive activities going on in and around

With the growing number of cases of people being infected, the odds of each one of us being infected or knowing someone who is, is growing exponentially. This is why we thought we would try to clarify when to quarantine or isolate and what this will mean for you and

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