Znüni News – Monday December 5

Over 50 cms of fresh snow fell in the mountains this weekend and, unfortunately, the first victim of an avalanche was claimed. A 24 year old was on a hike to the Flüelapass with three other people when the avalanche was released, killing him and injuring another person. The alarm level is at 3 out of 5, if you want to check the avalanche alarm level this is a good website to go to.

Switzerland is second to last (just behind Bosnia-Herzegovinia) when it comes to tobacco prevention in Europe. The main criticism is how little Switzerland is doing to control tobacco advertising campaigns.

The asylum seekers massive arrivals in 2022 (mainly due to the war in the Ukraine), is putting a huge strain on the asylum seeker/refugee departments in the whole country. Not enough people to process the arrivals is also having a knock-on effect on others waiting for their visa demands to be processed. Not enough apartments being made available is also an issue (although many organisations claim to have apartments available but they are not being taken into consideration by the departments). All of this is leading to a sense of frustration, but with winter arriving the need for solidarity is even more present.

In order to protect agricultural land, Switzerland is going to need to build more high-rises and people will have to get used to living in smaller spaces according to a study made by the canton of Vaud.

The Swiss are buying fewer Christmas lights this year in response to the energy crisis, this is what online shops have been reporting. A survey shows though, that the Swiss do feel that Christmas lights belong to the season and plan on continuing to use them (but rather with LED bulbs).

Christmas markets are experiencing a huge boom of people going to visit them. The Einsiedeln Christmas market is recording twice as many visitors as in previous years.

This week the weather will remain grey and cold with a slight possibility of snow in Lucerne on the weekend (to be confirmed).

Have a great week!

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