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Celebrating our Journey – The LiLi Centre Christmas Day!

We are counting the last weeks until 2023, and last Saturday we had our last big event at the LiLi Centre (our community centre in Luzern). It made us stop and reflect on how much we achieved this past year.

Each year is challenging for the LivingIn team in a different way. Our organisation is growing and evolving, projects are getting bigger and more seen by the public. The team is changing and growing too, it gives us so much more responsibility for how we run and move forward. It is the same as how we support each other in this not-an-easy journey of changing the public’s perspective of Integration and Migration in Switzerland.

For several months now we were recognised by the Swiss media in multiple news outlets and finally got to be heard with the voice we always had – showing the real picture of dealing with integration issues and stereotypes in Central Switzerland.


But let’s dive into what we are thankful for. Our main focus this year was two projects: Mental Health Initiative and opening the LivingIn Publishing House. Both are successfully growing! Though we always keep our eyes on our main project – The LiLi Centre (the physical home for international residents with clear programmes to support their integration journey).

We are happy that for almost ten years we stand hand in hand with Stadt Luzern in understanding how to collaborate and discuss different solutions – we are able to keep the centre open and fully support the local and international community.

We are looking forward to sharing more about the upcoming programmes at the Centre soooon!

For now, enjoy our Christmas celebration at the centre 👇 We are so thankful for our community, volunteers and team 🎄 Humongous kudos to the team that handled the kitchen, bar and entertainment areas! And how thriving our Christmas market was too (it remains open until December 21.) 💛

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