Welcome our new travel partner – Lucerne-based startup VisitLocals. 

Ready to explore majestic Switzerland? Whether you are visiting or relocating, don’t miss an opportunity to uncover hidden places and unique travel destinations with experienced tour guides. VisitLocals provides regional tours and local experiences for any occasion: family trips on E-cargo bikes, weekend getaways to the local farms, unforgettable mountain hikes, and many other exciting indoor and outdoor activities. 

One of the highlights of the platform is introductory information with a short video to each tour. Therefore, you can not only watch the overview of the tour, but also virtually meet your personal tour guide beforehand.

VisitLocals is constantly adding new tours and expanding the number of partnerships. The tours take place in various regions and the visitors can find activities for any season and any occasion. If you want to be a part of a community of travel lovers – book your trip through the platform or join VisitLocals ( as a tour guide. 

VisitLocals provides more than just a platform for booking tours, they give you true experiences, pure happiness and a possibility to meet new friends. Subscribe to their social media channels to stay in touch and be updated about new offers and promotions. VisitLocals will guide you through the best local offers and make your travel around Switzerland memorable. 

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Unique excursions, leisure experiences and events in Switzerland.

Choose your favorite tour, meet the tour guide beforehand by watching an introductory video and book the activity with one single click. 

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