The results of this week-end’s referendums.

The Luzerners and expats who love their Vögeligarten can breathe easier, with an overwhelming majority of 76% of votes it was decided to preserve the current building for the central library. This means that it is now a classified building and cannot be torn down, this also means that it will undergo renovation and no extensions will be possible, so the park will remain as it is and locals and expats alike can continue enjoying the playground there.

The bratwurst initiative was turned down, which means that it is still taxed differently whether you buy it at a take away or a restaurant, the majority was at 71.5%

And finally doctors are going to continue having to fill out forms for 62 different insurances and patients continue to have lots of choices as to which insurance to go with. This initiative was turned down by 61.9%.

Direct democracy in action, the status quo reigns. There is an initiative being talked about which would require people to collect more votes before anything can go to the referendum stage, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

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