Of Pumpkin and Cows…

This week-end will be a great opportunity to embrace the rural side of Luzern by enjoying the Alpabzug, which is the traditional returning of cows from the Alps to their winter digs.

Here are three of the main ones:

Engelberg has their Alpabzug from 10:00 to 17:00. The cows will be coming down coiffed with flowers and carrying huge bells. There will be a market in town, some folk music and loads of raclette cheese to be enjoyed!

Schüpfheim is having a big party, with the cows beginning their descent from Sonnenberg at 7.30 in the morning, planned arrival in Flühli will be at 10:00, when the farmer’s market will begin. This will be followed by jodling at 12.30. The recommendation is to go there by public transport.

Weggis will also be having their alpabzug this Saturday, the nec plus ultra is to arrive by boat in the quaint town to enjoy the folklore.

Go to the Luzern Tourism office website for more events.

If you prefer something a little more on the culinary side, then I suggest making your way to Rothenburg to the big pumpkin fair taking place at the Kürbishof. It’s taking place on both Saturday and Sunday. Joy wrote about her experience there last year in this post.


Photo courtesy of Engelberg Titlis – Official Page.

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