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Smart Business

Smart Business offers Personalised Accounting & CFO Services to small businesses. I help you take care of your finances!

My mission at Smart Business is to help you improve your business’s financial health.

Imagine if I could take away the overwhelming confusion about your business financials and you just had to figure out what to do with your money every month? Whether it is paying yourself a higher salary, paying your bills, being prepared for taxes, or maximizing your cash to uplevel your life. Once you control your cash flow, you will be able to travel, work from home, and have the free lifestyle you desire!​

Sounds amazing? I can tell you that it’s possible! This is one of the top advantages of being a business owner.

If you…

  • need help with your bookkeeping
  • need someone who can help you communicate with your Accountant
  • need a Finance Manager but don’t have the money to do so
  • simply need a Quarterly Strategic Meeting

…then I am here for you! I will support you in taking care of all of these problems and needs.

What we offer:

Bookkeeping Services. I will set up an accounting system for you, which will allow us to read the story of your business and plan for the future. My team and I will work on your books every month or quarterly.

Accounting Service. I will simplify the communication between you and your local accountant (we have our own if you don’t have one), and local government institutions. I take care of your books and reconciliations while helping local accountants with salaries, closing of the accounts, and tax returns.

Financial Planning and CFO Services. I will be your Finance Partner, supporting you in choosing the best ways to handle your current finances, as well as plan for the future in the most efficient way possible, using Financial Planning and Cash Flow Management. 

Would you like to have a talk about your business’ finances? I’m here for you! Please contact me at or send a message to +41 768314035