Znüni News – Tuesday May 31

How to keep downtown Lucerne alive and thriving? This is the question the city is hoping to have answered by hiring a city manager to come up with a concept to prevent downtown from seeing all its smaller businesses close down. From creating more events to helping shops come up with innovative concepts, the city hopes to keep the old town from turning into just a tourist zone.

Zug is planning to build a new neighbourhood where the hospital used to be. The area will have 800 new apartments half of which would be “low rent”. The neighbourhood is to be greener and attractive for families and people with lower incomes.

Lucerne has thrown its hat in the ring to host the Women’s Football European Masters in 2025. Citing the opportunity to highlight women’s sport, the city has put forward an array of initiatives that could take place during the EM, including free tickets for school classes, meeting sessions with female football players and training possibilities for girls and young women. Also bidding to host are Poland, France, and as a group: Denmark, Finnland, Norway and Sweden.

It was a close call but the FC Lucerne managed to stay in the top football league (superleague) by beating FC Schaffhausen 2:0 on Saturday. Their second season half was stronger and there is hope that next season will be an exciting one.

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