People making a difference – meet Anna

Anna’s main volunteer role at The LiLi Centre is as Executive Assistant to Managing Director, Charlie Hartmann. She also runs the Livingin Swiss program and coordinates many events at the centre.

Anna moved to Switzerland eight years ago and started looking online for an English-speaking playgroup. She discovered the mums and tots group organised by Charlie. Anna said that she didn’t know anyone when she first moved here and it was so helpful for her to find this community, particularly as a new mother, in a new country, in a new city.

From the tots and mums group, Charlie’s vision of a community centre became a reality and The LiLi Centre was founded six years ago. It is a safe space and Anna said she enjoys coming here. “When I first moved here, from Athens, Lucerne seemed so tiny, but this concept has really shifted for me. Attending the mums and tots group enabled me to meet so many great people with whom I have built strong friendships over the years.”

Anna volunteers at The LiLi Centre as it has so much potential to help people. She said, “It is really about what people are willing to put in, we are that which we give, and it brings me joy to run the Livingin program and coordinating various events held at the centre. It feels like giving and receiving simultaneously and I love that.

“I am thrilled to be part of The LiLi Centre, I love its warm energy. I guess I would summarise my feelings about the centre as friendship, togetherness, contribution and nourishment. Even before we had this dedicated space, and had to rent out places for events there was an amazing community feel.”

Lucerne, although a small city, has a big heart and is no less cosy, serene and inspiring as Anna described it. She said, “How can it be anything less than that when we are surrounded by all these gorgeous mountains! My favourite things about Lucerne are the mountains and the breathtaking views. Also, accessibility to nature that seems to be part of life here and the simplicity that living here provides.”

As The LiLi Centre turns six, Anna hopes for expansion and growth. She shared, “The vibe of the centre is just so incredible, and I’d love for more people to both experience and contribute to that. The more we give, the more we receive, and I’d love to see more people coming together and growing this beautiful community.”

Lily Töngi-Andrews

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