LiLi Centre success stories: Plant.

Continuing the Lili Centre success stories series in honour of the 5 year anniversary, today we want to celebrate Plant. and Frederik Labuschagne.

Plant. is a young food company putting down roots in Lucerne. Frederik started his company out of a passion for making food, not just any food, but 100% plant-based, seasonal and regional, which makes it super delicious, nutritious, and with an emphasis on freshness.
He strongly believes that each meal should be mindful and filled with enjoyment. Frederik gifts us with his amazing lunches at the LiLi Centre twice a week, as well as his long table dinners (more details below).

What was the idea behind your project?
Making and serving food. Moving to Switzerland encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and really ask myself what lights me up. And so, I went from being an architect to becoming a chef. I’ve always wanted to start a food business because it has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Sometimes we need that forceful transition to set us on the most exciting path.
The project started by making soup for the winter swimming group at the LiLi Centre. From there the combination of my desire to serve food and the centre’s innovative nature resulted in expanding the food offering on a regular basis.

How did the LiLi Centre help you make it a reality?
The LiLi Centre made it possible for me to start this business.. I am very grateful for Charlie’s faith and confidence in this project, as well as the support with the practical aspects of creating a business. The Lili Centre also provided the facilities and allowed Plant to reach more people, both of which were foundational for the business.

What are your successes?
In the last two years, my vision transitioned into a goal, and then become a reality. I do what I love, offering plant-based food, which is not only delicious but planet-friendly.
We also launched a series of long table dinners. The idea behind the dinners is for you to share a meal with friends, family and strangers. Let us again be merry and share some food and drink. Find out more HERE. 

How does the future of your project look?
The LiLi Center continues to offer me the possibility to create and try out new recipes. Additionally to the regular Tuesday lunch options, we recently started offering surprise lunches every Thursday (make sure to drop by, you won’t regret it).
Additionally, we offer our long table dinners a few times a month, which offers people the opportunity to enjoy a delicious 4-course meal while meeting and socializing with new people. You can find out the upcoming dates on
In regards to long-term plans, I see this business having a permanent cafe of its own, to keep serving great vegan food for more people to enjoy.

What do you wish for the LiLi Centre?
I wish for the LiLi Centre to have a nationwide reputation and presence as the first point of contact. This place is special. To me, it provided a very soft landing and I want others to have this opportunity as well. Knowing you’re not alone, having the support of people who have been where you are and can answer any questions you may have makes a huge difference.
I would love to see the LiLi Centre expand and thrive on a national level.

Thank you Frederik for being part of the Lili Centre family and for your amazing food (seriously though, his bao buns are magical! Make sure to stop by at the centre on a Tuesday to get a taste). We look forward to discovering more of your culinary creations!

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