Znüni News – Wesdnesday October 27

A third Covid vaccination, known as a booster, will be allowed and available in Switzerland as of mid-November, but only for the over 65s or people able to prove that they have very weak immune systems.

Meanwhile the number of new cases are going up again. They are currently at a daily average of 1237, which is 35% more than last week. Hospitalisations are up by 8% with 412 cases and the current average of daily deaths is 3,9.

On another topic Luzerners will end up paying less taxes as of next year. The local parliament passed a motion approving the tax reduction by 0.1% bringing it to 1.6%.

One of the hottest topics which was debatted in parliament, was whether the canton of Lucerne should really give CHF 400 000.- towards the building of a new Swiss guard home at the Vatican. The answer was a resounding yes.

The teenager who was reported missing over the weekend in Zug has been reunited with her family, after having been found by police abroad.

Only three more sleeps until our party at the LiLi Centre this Saturday! Come along to help us celebrate!

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