Znüni News – Wednesday September 26

A Russian oligarch was refused a visa to live in Switzerland although he has never been indicted for any crime here or abroad. The police contacted the village where he had applied and who had originally accepted his application, to tell them it would be best to refuse the application as he was „a threat to public safety and a reputational risk“. Although this happened 2 years ago, the story broke now after a local media company won a court case against the man who was trying to prevent this news from being made public.

The Swiss army needs you! Well actually it needs 850 cooks to keep the moral of the troops high. Using the motto „Good food, happy people“ the army is putting out a call for cooks to join ranks and dish out 10 million meals a year, with a daily budget of CHF 8.75 per soldier. However it is not that simple as the cooks have to also be soldiers with a civilian background in cooking, or as butchers or bakers. As fewer young man choose these professions it means that often other soldiers have to help out in the kitchen, meaning that the quality is not as high as it should be. It might be time to loosen the rules and regulations?

For the past several years people have been receiving a letter purpoting to come from a boy suffering from lung cancer and who is hoping to get into the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest chain letter. The recipient is asked to send this letter to a further 10 people and then 1 copy to the University Hospital of Tulln in Austria. However this is a prank, and there is no truth behind the story. The university is appealing to people to not forward the letter to others and to stop sending them letters as they are receiving up to 100 letters a day. The reason behind the prank and the link to the university is unclear.

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