Znüni News – Wednesday September 16

Echinaforce – the sequel.

After it was disclosed that Echinaforce may possibly have an effect on the Covid-19 virus, the preparation has flown off the shelves of pharmacies and drugstores. People are turning to the internet to buy supplies and individuals who have bottles are happy to sell them…. and go straight to jail. Echinaforce is considered a category D medicine, meaning that you have to possess a permit to sell it. Failure to have a permit when selling Category D medicine could land a person straight into jail for a maximum sentence of three years and cost a hefty fine. So definitely not the get rich quick scheme.

Ever more bikes in Lucerne.

Since 2014 the numbers of bicycles circulating in Lucerne has gone up by a third. This is not without its problems as people need to find parking spots for their bikes. The city is continuously working on providing more bike parking and hope that more citizens choose two wheels over four.

Begrenzungsinitiative debate in the KKL.

Last night the minister of justice Karin Keller-Sutter opened the debate which featured two initiative proponents and two opponents. The CEO of Schurter argued that this initiative would be detrimental for the economy and explained how in their branch in Bellinzona they have to employ Italians because they can’t find any Swiss to do the jobs. The SVP members argued that the issue is the quality of foreigners who move here, and that they want more of the “right kind”. When it was pointed out that plenty of the “right kind” do move here and that a lot of them come from Europe, it was conterargued that the “right kind” of foreigner could end up doing the “wrong kind of job”, i.e. a doctor could become a taxi driver…. huh.

So far the polls show that the initiative will lose by 63% voting against it and 35% for it, 2% remain undecided.

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