Znüni News – Wednesday January 24

Things seem to be calming down weather wise. The Gotthard Tunnel was able to reopen last night and the avalanche risk is downgraded to high (number 4) in most areas of Switzerland and level 3 in our region.

Bad news though for the 8 men trapped in the Hölloch caves, they will be stuck there at least until this weekend, as the melting snow is keeping the water level high in the cave and still blocking their exit.

The youths who vandalised their refugee home have written a letter to the head of the asylum seeker‘s programme apologising for their behaviour. They explained that they were not angry because they only get CHF 3.- a day to live on, but rather because of the new infrastructure and the way they are being treated by their carers. A dialogue is now established.

Switzerland has been voted the best country in the world! US News did a survey with 21 000 participants worldwide and Switzerland came out on top as the best country to live in. Canada came in second and Germany third. The United Kingdom is 4th and America slipped to number 8. Angola and Algeria came in as the bottom two countries.

You can find out more here.


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