Znüni News – Thursday January 25

The town of Emmen is making headlines right now as they are not replacing any teacher who is sick for up to a week. This means that children are facing having no school during this time. The education board is not happy with this decision saying that constitutionally every child is entitled to a full education and that the school has the duty to provide the substitutes teachers no matter what. The school counters that due to recent budget cuts they cannot afford to pay for substitutes.

The number of asylum seekers coming to Switzerland has dropped by a third in 2017, coming in at roughly 18 000. This is leading to several temporary centres being closed down. The state is still planning for 4 large asylum centres to be built in centre Switzerland which would be able to welcome up to 5000 people.

President Trump will be landing in Zürich today and then going onto Davos where he is due to meet Prime Minister Theresa May and Israel‘s president before have a fancy dinner. Tomorrow he will be meeting with Rwanda‘s president, our own president and then giving a 1 hour speech before leaving the country in the afternoon. Total time of visit 29.5 hours. I guess he won‘t get to go skiing then.

There currently are roughly 3500 soldiers guarding Davos, presumably not just for President‘s Trump protection.

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