Znüni News – Tuesday September 29

It came as no surprise that Switzerland voted to make a two week paternity leave mandatory within companies, but some companies hadn’t waited for the government to tell them that fathers deserved time with their newborn. UBS announced yesterday that it was extending its paternity leave from two to four weeks. Not to be outdone Ikea is now extending its paternity leave from six to eight weeks, Sunrise is going from eight to eighteen days, but so far Novartis trumps everyone with a fourteen week paternity leave.

Good news on the coronavirus side. Switzerland is seeing a lowering trend of cases with the daily average currently at 335 cases, that’s 20% less than last week.

In any case Lucerne has extended the right to all cafés and restaurants to use the pavement in front of their establishment as terraces until December 2021. This so that they may continue to comply with social distancing rules, in some cases this means taking over parking spots.

Three burglars were arrested for having stolen 124 kilos of… meat, worth CHF 9000.-. Over a period of 9 months, the men broke into several shops in the cantons of Lucerne, Bern and Argau and stole the finest cuts of meat, which they then sold on.

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