Znüni News – Tuesday May 24.

Switzerland is redefining itself as a “Cooperative Neutral” country, this is the term used by President Cassis at the WEF. Using this term he is positioning the country as a partner for peace talks between Ukraine and Russia.

The RHS Chelsea flower show has begun in London. This is the first time in 3 years that the botanical exhibition can take place in spring. The reason that I mention it here is because Switzerland is represented, with a garden showcasing our varied landscape and endemic plants.

When it rains it pours, at least in Lucerne where yesterday’s storm caused the town’s drainage system to overflow. There were over 22 000 lightning bolts over the country and hail as large as pingpong balls in some areas. The storm also brought lower temperatures which will stay with us for most of the week.

An initiative for the Luzerner Määs to remain on the Inseli has collected over 5000 signatures (3500 were necessary). The town had announced that because of the new use of the Inseli as a recreational area it would not be possible for the Määs to take place there anymore. This has led to an outcry and this initiative. Now negotiations can begin.

Ever fancied having dinner dangling from a crane 50 meters above a city? Well now is your chance to do just that. The Dinner in the Sky team is coming to Lucerne and will be offering a 3 course meal prepared by a top chef from June 23 to 26. They are serving lunch and dinner and seats are still available for a “mere” CHF 450.- More details here.

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