Znüni News – Thursday September 3

There were 370 new positive cases of Covid-19 in Switzerland yesterday, bringing the weekly average at 298 per day, a growth of 13% compared to last week. Despite the numbers rising the government has decided that, as of October 1st, public and private events of up to 1000 people will be allowed. The caveat is that people will have to remain seated, wear masks and no more than 2/3 of stadiums will be able to be filled.This has greatly disappointed the ice hockey and football federations who argue that if planes can have full capacity why can’t stadiums. Supporters will be happy to know that alcohol will still be allowed to be sold.

The FC Lucerne football team are now in quarantine after one of its players was found to have the virus.

Although France has more than met the 60 cases per 100 000 inhabitant marker, the country has not been put on the high risk country list, meaning that people traveling from France will still not have to quarantine. The government has argued that different rules should apply for neighbouring countries.

To clarify our piece on pension gender equality, for the same amount paid into the national pension scheme, women receive a third less money than men. Meaning that if counting the payment on a day to day basis, as of September 1st women no longer receive any pension until the end of the year.

Zug has its own “Fatberg”. A farmer who kept liquid feed for his cattle in a tank on a roof has been fined for having let the tank go unrepaired thereby causing a fatberg of 3,3 tons to build up in the Zuger drainage system. The fat contained in the feed would drip into the rain drainage pipe and seep in the local drainage system. This is far from the largest fatberg found in London, which was 130 tons and 250 meters long.

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