Znüni News – Wednesday September 2

DIY and garden centres as well as furniture shops are the clear winners of this pandemic with earnings increasing by 15% in the first half of the year alone. The reason is that by spending so much time at home people are wanting to turn their homes into their proverbial castles and are investing in new wall colours, more plants and new furniture. Ikea Switzerland states that their online business doubled this winter meeting their goal 2 years ahead of schedule.
Some holiday resorts are doing better than others, depending who their core clientele is. The resort of Sörenberg, which focuses mainly on inland tourism, had a really good summer season, whereas Titlis, which focuses more on mass foreign tourism, is facing having to fire people. The resort of Andermatt also fared really well this summer, its new buildings and infrastructures having made it attractive even for locals. 
The ski resorts are now having to figure out how they can save the winter season by making themselves Covid-19 safe.
Every year 10 to 15 cows have miscarriages in the canton of Lucerne, this summer alone one organic farm in Horw had 4. The farmers are blaming dog owners who let their dogs poop in fields and do not pick up after their pets. The faeces can contain bacteria or viruses that are harmful for the cows, however vets are less sure that this is the cause and state that often stress, heatwaves or even rubbish left in the fields could be ingested and cause infections. So walkers and dog owners be aware and pick up after yourselves and your pets. This Saturday is international anti-littering day but let‘s make that every day.

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