Znüni News – Monday October 25

What had been hailed as a sign of Switzerland catching up with the times, is now turning into a flop. Late night shopping has long been debated in this country, and when shops were finally allowed to remain open at least one night a week, people celebrated this nod to modern society. Now, after lockdown, shops are finding that, despite remaining open later, shoppers are the ones not turning up. People seem to have lost their appetite for late night shopping, often preferring to shop online. As a consequence, more and more shops are going back to earlier closing times.

One thing people will not be able to buy online are corona tests. An entrepreneur had begun to offer online tests in Switzerland, whereby the person would take the test in front of their computer camera with a company employee watching and verifying the result, after which the company would send a certificate. This service is allowed in Germany but the Health Department has rejected the validity of the test and the business is no longer able to offer their services. This is one thing that you will need to go into town to get.

The FC Luzern football team played against the FC St Gallen yesterday and won. That is good news in of itself, as it’s their first win of the season. However the St Gallen football fans felt the need to show their disappointment by causing chaos, destroying the interior of the coaches they were assigned to and refusing to get into the extra train put on for them, forcing the police to usel rubber bullets to disperse and calm them down. Similar incidents took place at other football matches across the country this weekend. It seems such a shame that, what should be a fun and entertaining event brings out the worst in some people.

It’ll be a mild week, with temperatures in the mid teens and a mix of sun and clouds.

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