LiLi Centre success stories: ABC Tutors

In anticipation of the upcoming 5 year anniversary of the Lili Centre celebration (make sure to join us at the centre Saturday, October 30th), we celebrate businesses that opened at the centre and continue to contribute to the wellbeing of our community. Today we celebrate Amanda Shaw and ABC Tutors.

Amanda Jayne Shaw is a highly qualified teacher & experienced artist with over 20 years of experience and a Master’s Degree in Education, focused on special education needs and student-centred curriculum design.

ABC (Artists Be Creative) Tutors Ltd, provides fun and engaging Teens & Kids Art Courses to support young art students in their need to express themselves through drawing and painting, and provide them with tuition that can cultivate their creative approach to the world

What was the idea behind your project?

This project grew out of necessity. The pandemic made many young people feel overwhelmed, isolated, in need of a fun and creative way to express themselves, and a safe place to do so. The idea was to support teens and make a challenging time less challenging. Life can seem hard, things happen, but our classes give teens and kids the opportunity to experience another alternative, to discover themselves and be free.

How did the LiLi Centre help you make it a reality?

The encouragement and support offered by the community at the LiLi Centre made a tremendous difference for my business. There were so many people willing to help, offer their expertise, and knowledge in a variety of ways. It all came together as a beautiful jigsaw puzzle, a joint effort from the community, which is now serving it and making a great impact in return.

What are your successes?

To me, it comes in the form of my student’s successes. I love witnessing the transformation in my students. What better measurement of success can there be than a changed life?! Imagine witnessing a child who is shy or feels out of place open up and freely express themselves, imagine seeing that same child excited, happy, and confident.

My successes are the students, each and every individual case where I know I’ve made a difference. It brings me so much joy to know that each child leaves my class a better or happier person.

How does the future of your project look?

We have recently started a new course Artified, lead by a psychologist, artists, and community members with a passion for art and creative expression. This course aims to build self-awareness through art exploration and expression, help students connect to their thoughts and feelings, as well as connect with others through their art.

The long-term goal is to expand and offer more opportunities for people to create. We’d like to give young people a space where they can be free to be themselves, leaving all expectations at the door and simply enjoy painting.

What do you wish for the LiLi Centre?

I wish for more people to realize how amazing and special the LiLi Centre really is. This place has made a tremendous impact on so many people’s lives and I want to see it continue making a difference and reaching as many people as possible.

I wish for the LiLi Centre to be a home away from home in everybody’s home.

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