Znüni News – Monday May 22.

Since this morning it is proving impossible to buy tickets for the trains either online, through the app or at the ticket machines. Hopefully the problem will be resovled in the coming hours.

Last Saturday the FC Lucerne played at home against the FC St Gallen, but from the get-go it was clear that the St Gallen fans only wanted to do one thing ransack and vandalise the city. For nearly an hour after the match, downtown turned into an ugly scene with hooligans throwing bottles and stones and fireworks at anyone who came across their path. Bystanders, policemen and FC Lucerne fans were all attacked with seven ending up needing to be hospitalised. Now the local government is wondering what can be done to put an end to this problem, possibly even banning fans from opposing teams to attend matches in Lucerne.

A 9 year old boy was attacked by a miniature Pitbull Terrier in Zug and ended up having to be flown by helicopter to hospital where he was treated for wounds to his face and genitals. Certain cantons have a risk list for certain breeds of dogs to which American Pit Bull Terrier and Straffordshire Terrier belong, but Zug does not have such a list. Nor is it compulsory anymore in some cantons for dog owners to do a training course with their dogs.

In Adligenswil someone has been lacing food with poison and leaving it out so that dogs eat it and then die. Unfortunately we are aware of at least one dog who fell victim to this crime. In St Gallen someone else has been putting sharp tacks into sausages and leaving it out for dogs (and other animals) to find. Several dogs also died because of this. To date noone has been charged for these crimes.

Enjoy the sunny weather whilst you can, the rest of the week will be mainly grey, with chances of rain and thunderstorms and temperatures averaging 20° Celsius.

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