Znüni News – Monday March 8

Happy International Woman’s day! I just want to start by acknowledging all the women reading this; I know this day is purely symbolic but we should all take a moment to appreciate that we are amazing! The majority of us have or are adapting to living in a foreign country, many of us have had to reinvent ourselves, make sacrifices and live life in ways we hadn’t anticipated. To top it all the past year has been extra difficult for women, who have had to contend with even more challenges than usual. The path to gender equality still continues to be long but, one step at a time, progress is being made.

Ladies, be sure to do something for yourselves today, you deserve it!

It seems a little ironic that the motion put forward by the SVP banning women from wearing face coverings linked to religion outside of the home, should have been voted in one day before International Woman’s day. Unsurprisingly it turns out that women and younger voters were against the motion, and it was carried to its narrow victory by men and the older generations. Ditto with the trading deal with Indonesia, men were the ones who voted for it. Mars and Venus, hey?

Onto the latest with the pandemic, our health minister has unveiled (pun intended) his new strategy to curb the infections rate by saying that, as of March 15, all tests will be paid for regardless whether the person has symptoms or not. Also each citizen will be eligible to 5 self-tests a month which will be available for pick up at the chemist. One slight hitch to this solution, no self-tests have been approved in Switzerland just yet…

The canton of Lucerne which was amongst the first to begin with vaccinations are currently lagging behind other cantons with only 9.7% of the cantonal population being vaccinated. They estimate that all those who wish to will be vaccinated by… September. The national goal continues to be June.

The week looks to be dry until Thursday when a storm bringing very high winds and rain is expected.

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