The March 7 Referendum Results

Last week we wrote about today’s referendums (You can read that post here).

The results are in and reserving some surprises.

Ja zum Verhüllungsverbot – Yes to forbiding face covering

This motion was voted in by 52%, meaning that women will no longer be allowed to wear full face coverage when going out of their homes. This will also affect sport fans inside of stadiums, and tourists visiting the country.

This motion has been intensively debated as to whether it was protecting women who are being forced to wear face convering or, on the contrary, taking away the right for women to choose what they want to wear.

Elektronische Identifizierungsdienste (E-ID-Gesetz) – Electronic ID

This motion was rejected by a majority of 64%. It will be interesting which part of this motion people were rejecting and whether it would have been accepted if the creating of the Electronic IDs and safe keeping of data was done by the government instead of a third party as the motion suggested.

Wirtschaftspartnerschaftsabkommen mit Indonesien – Economic partnership with Indonesia

It seems as if this motion has been accepted by a very narrow margin of 51%. This had been controversial because of the palm oil production in Indonesia which is destroying the environment and Orang-Utang’s habitat.

Lucerne motions:

Both motions, the Horw campus and the renovation of the regional street in Entlebuch have been approved. The Campus motion was approved by 64.8%, the road in Entlebuch by 82% of the cantonal population.

The next referendum voting will take place on June 13th and will concern the Covid-19 Act, the CO2 Act, and on the Anti-Terrorism Act. We will write details about these closer to the date.

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