Znüni News – Monday April 3.

This Sunday was a big election day with both the cantonal parliament and government being elected. So far three members of the government have been confirmed, they are the releected Peter Fabian (FDP) and Reto Wyss (Mitte) and newcomer Michaela Tschuor also from the Mitte party. She is the first woman to be elected in the government since 2017. A second round of voting on May 14. will decide who will fill the remaining two seats. The hottest contenders are Armin Hartmann (no relation to me) from the SVP party and Ylfete Fanaj from the socialist party.

As for the parliament the 120 seats have been filled with 32 seats (-2) going to the Mitte party, 27 (+5) going to the SVP, 22 going to the FDP, 8 (-) for the GLP, 12 (-3) for the Grüne party, and 19 (-) for the Socialist Party.

The department for asylum seekers and refugees (DAF) has decided that Ukrainians who are receiving financial support from the government will need to sell their cars if these are valued at more than CHF 10 000.- as well as any expensive jewellery (wedding rings excluded) or watches to help finance their stay.

Yesterday an accident took place on the lake road along the Lauerz. A motorbike overtook a car in a blind curve and hit an oncoming car which then spun out of control and crashed into a second motorbike. Both riders were seriously injured and had to be evacuated by helicopter, the car driver was not injured but his car is totalled.

This morning around 7.30, a car caught fire on the highway A14 towards Zurich causing delays, the area is clearing now.

It’s soon Easter and the time when people like nothing better than to head South to enjoy some sun and Dolce Vita, but you might think twice about how you want to get there as this past weekend there already was 15 kms of traffic jams in front of the Gotthard tunnel, and Viasuisse is expecting the traffic jams to start Wednesday evening already. Viasuisse is recommending to either leave really early in the morning or late in the evening. For the return journey traffic jams can be expeted from Sunday onwards. An alternative would be to go via the San Bernadino tunnel but traffic will probably be dense there too.

Temperatures are going to drop and frost is expected these coming nights, however the weekend will be reasonably sunny here too if you decide to opt for a staycation.

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