Switzerland and the Gender Pay Gap

The World Economic Forum has released its Global Gender Pay Gap report for 2016 and Switzerland is very average with Iceland claiming number 1 spot (although their pay gap is still 14% between women and men).

Switzerland may have scored 11 on the global wealth index but that’s its highest score. It comes in 15 for political empowerment, 30 for economic participation, a measly 61 for educational attainment and a surprising 72 for health and survival of women in the country.

Although its rank in political empowerment is an improvement with more women in parliament it still lags behind in many categories.

The average salary for women is CHF 49 723 in comparison to men getting CHF 69 548. The life expectancy though is still in favour of women at 74, compared to 71 for men.

Depressingly it is estimated that it could take up to 178 years before we succeed in bridging the gap.

You can download and read the full report here.

Or take a glance here:


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