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Do you feel your life could be better? Do you think of changing jobs or other aspects in your life, but you don’t have a clear vision? Are you new here and you feel unsettled? Are you in a difficult relationship and you want to create a better situation? There are many different reasons why you could use a coach. After all, life is too short to postpone your happiness! 

I am Renate Kranenburg, a certified coach, founder of Three Peaks Coaching, and member of the International Coach Federation. I can help you discover your true potential, deepen your understanding about yourself, and create a more fulfilling life. 

I offer nature-based coaching. Walking in nature helps the nervous system to calm down, making you feel more centered and grounded. Your whole system starts tuning into the rhythm of nature. This state of being reduces stress and allows you to think more clearly and take better decisions. That’s why I am such a fan of coaching in the outdoors, as you will see results much faster than within walls of concrete. 

Nature has supported me when I went through a difficult phase in my own life. After a long marriage, I got divorced two years ago. I was devastated. To support my recovery, I spent a lot of time in the mountains. With others and alone. I challenged myself to face my fears when I set out for a solo night on top of a mountain close to Engelberg. I challenged myself even more during my attempt to climb the highest mountain of South America beginning 2019. Mount Aconcagua mirrored exactly where I was in my own process; despite several attempts, I could not summit. Extreme cold (-35°C) forced me to turn around at 6200 meters. 

Although the love for mountains is in my blueprint, I was born and raised on flat Dutch soil, where I got a Masters Degree in Health Sciences. My adventurous spirit, passion for climbing mountains and exploring unknown landscapes accompany me throughout my life. It is my dream to help reconnect my cients with nature, where they can experience the healing and transformational qualities of Mother Earth by themselves. 

I’ve been working as a coach since 2017. I coached trailing spouses of expatriates, professionals in the corporate world and the health care sector. Before I arrived in Switzerland with my family in 2017, I held professional roles in both the public resp. the private sector, and moved five times internationally in eight years, of which two moves with young children. So I almost became an expert in modern nomadic life. 
Coaching is a powerful instrument to get a deeper understanding of yourself, and to create longlasting change in your life. I draw my inspiration from proved coaching methods, transactional analysis, somatic work, MBTI and spiritual practices. As your coach, I will hold the space for you and listen to you with presence and non-judgement. I will evoke your awareness by exploring your experiences and asking powerful questions, and will invite you to design actions and set goals. Whereas I am the guide in your process, you are the leader.  

Nature-based coaching sessions can take place in a green city park, along the lake or in a forest, or as a one-day mini-retreat with me in the Swiss mountains. Starting this summer, I will also offer wilderness coaching retreats.

If you feel coaching is the right step for you now or perhaps in the near future, feel free to contact me for a free coaching session at or call me at: 076 20 40 520. On my website you will find more information, as well as a blog about my expedition on Aconcagua.

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