On A Slow Lifestyle Quest In Luzern

By Veerle Van Hoecke GOSLOW LUZERN blogger

I confess that besides my husband and kids I am totally in love with fashion. But not just any fashion. I don’t feel much for fast trends and poor quality. I want to be able to enjoy my timeless pieces for years. Moreover, I do not want to feel bad about the clothes I am wearing when I learn more about the circumstances they were made in.

You could say I am very much  into slow fashion.

The term slow fashion was first used in the UK in 2007 and marked a new way of thinking about the clothes we wear and the fashion industry in general. It involves questioning the production cycle of an item as a whole. As a consequence of the globalisation, fast fashion chains have kept growing and have made it easy to follow every trend. Unfortunately, there is also a downside to this.  Clothes don’t last that long and are quickly thrown away and replaced by the next trend. Moreover, we seem to have lost track on where exactly our clothes come from. The slow movement on the other hand means wanting to know how something has been designed, manufactured and if it is sustainable. When clothes or accessories for instance have been made locally with quality raw material and a lot of care, they tell us a story. A very sustainable one.

The slow approach does not only exist for fashion. It is also applicable to food, to design and basically to the way we live. As Living in Luzern has a heart that beats for Luzern and its inhabitants who shape it, our goal is to discover and share with you all the beautiful slow places Luzern has to offer. Stay tuned for my selection of lovely small boutiques where you can find sustainable fashion, cosy restaurants where you enjoy fresh slow food or hidden slow places that make you feel connected with nature. Obviously there is no escape to some cool local designers too!

How can you contribute to a slower fashion world? To quote Vivienne Westwood: it’s all about the principle “buy less, choose well, make it last”.

  1. Try to restrict your purchases from fast fashion chains to a minimum.
  2. Make sure the fashion label you buy respects high ethical standards. The best option is to be happy with a few well selected, sustainable outfits.
  3. It can be fun to rethink your existing wardrobe and put something new together just by alternating accessories.

In the end, you will see: slow eases your mind.

Are you ready to go on a slow lifestyle quest in the prettiest city of all? #goslowluzern

Let’s start with one boutique that has been doing it right for many years – Die Handlung

Eva Herren is the loveliest shop owner and has a very cool selection of local and foreign brands. She personally gets to know every designer she works with. Whatever you buy here – jewelry, accessories, clothes or decoration for your home – you know where it comes from and that is has been made with love and care! A store to fall in love with.

Veerle Van Hoecke // author // goslow.luzern@yahoo.com

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