Personal Branding – Might Be Your Start In Switzerland

by Lina Petravičiūtė 

Let’s be honest, we all have that doubt in our mind: are we sure that it was a good idea to leave everything and start something new from zero again. Starting from nothing in a new country, without knowing the language, or having the experience of the local culture and habits to get your dream job straight away. What should you do? How not to lose your inspiration to move and remain positive? I did that. If I can, you can too. My key was and is personal branding – the way to control the present, past and future. Your storyline and job profile.

My goal during this autumn is to share my own experience and some tips. Maybe it will help you as it helped me. Maybe it will be a little push to start something new. Autumn is a good time to start and set goals for a year. The best time for your adventure.

What does “Personal Branding” mean?

When I came to Switzerland I was very confident with my working experience and projects I had. I was so sure it will not be that hard to find a job. After sending over 70 CVs and two months of research, hours with job searching pages, it was clear -it’s going to be a long and bumpy road. I hesitated. Hesitated about the choice I made to move from my comfort zone into the unknown. Leaving my bubble of safety. I hesitated about the risk and struggles I had in front of me. I understand every person who comes to me now and says “I am lost, I don’t know where to start with”. And I always say: start from yourself and the vision you have about yourself. My first steps were acknowledging the reality and stop panicking. From that moment “Personal branding” was my second name. I became my own client with all the problems and lack of confidence I had. So. what does it mean – Personal branding.

It is your vision, plan and structure and most important it is for each of you. It’s not about being famous, it’s all about being able to stand out of a stack of resumes.

People love to be motivated, but not to act.

That is the sad truth. We love to read inspirational quotes, see videos and hear success stories, but when it’s about us and our goals – we stop and hesitate for a moment. We are not catching up to our ambitions with actions. Why? Because it’s hard. You hear more NOs, then Yes’s. You will get a lot of rejection through your email, you will not get the needed meetings, or finally, you will sit and wait till you get your first payment couple months just because you are scared to over push and lose your money. But you shouldn’t. Personal branding is a constant work on yourself.

When is it the best time to start?

Now. Yes, today. The best time was definitely – yesterday, but you can catch up if you start today. This minute. You don’t need to drop anything, you don’t need to leave or suddenly take risks. You just need to start thinking about yourself and what you want to do. Step by step grow the vision and dream you have about yourself, step by step control your data and messages you are giving to others.

First step is the hardest. Criticism.

It’s the tricky one step, cause most of the time we are criticising ourselves way too much or too less and let’s be honest, to keep balance – it’s hard. In personal branding you are starting it easily, you are focusing on data you are giving all around: social media profiles, meetings, CV, comments you leave etc. R E S E A R C H – yep. The boring part. You must be a third person and look at all data you have. Write down how you see yourself now, what you post, what messages are you sending. Think, what if you are an employer, would you invite yourself to an interview after seeing true you on the net? No? Yes? If No – there are not that simple steps to keep up and change everything. If yes – congratulations you will need to work even harder.

“I am not sure if personal branding is for me?” – I heard once.

Do you want to get a job? Do you want to change your lifestyle? Do you want to start in a new place new path? Yes. It’s for you. That’s why I say “Personal Branding” is not about being famous or building the fame. My “Personal Branding” is down to Earth. Just controlling your story you are giving to others, the vision you are building and taking dreams you want. It doesn’t matter whether you are a doctor or project manager, nanny or CEO – it’s for all of us. So, stay with me at least for a little journey and maybe you will find something useful for yourself.

Reading – doesn’t hurt. Doesn’t it?

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