People making a difference – meet America

America is from Mexico City and arrived in Lucerne six years ago with her husband, for his job. She is the Operating Manager at The LiLi Centre and so sees the big picture of the centre.

It began a year ago when America was attending some cantonal activities in the city. She was talking to someone who mentioned The LiLi Centre and that it is a place where foreign people gather, give out information about the city, and what one can do in Lucerne. Not long after she volunteered and is now one of the board members.

She said that volunteering gives her the opportunity to live, learn and connect with other cultures. She shares, “There is such a welcoming environment at the centre and I love the atmosphere. I was delighted with the way everyone received me and that is why I am still here.”

When you arrive at the centre there will be a good chance you will see America’s happy face as she is there to make sure there is organisational flow and to welcome people into the centre needing orientation. She also helps with the many events at the centre.

Lucerne is the right place for America to be at the moment. To her, Lucerne means there is an opportunity to thrive, discover and to continuously improve as a human being. “What I love the most about Lucerne is the safety of the city, the many family activities available, and, of course, the spectacular views.”

As The LiLi Centre celebrates turning six, America has her organisational eye all over the centre and wants it to continue to flourish so that more people will benefit from the wide variety of activities, help and care that are offered. For America, The LiLi Centre is a place where she can feel at home – a home away from home – and she hopes, for this reason, the LiLi family continues to grow.

Lily Töngi-Andrews

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