Morschach-Stoos, the beautiful ski resort

There are many ski resorts to choose from in Central Switzerland but few of them can boast being as beautiful as Morschach-Stoos. It falls under the “klein aber fein” category, small but beautiful. There are two ways to get to the ski resort, either with the small cable car from Morschach-Stoos, or with the bigger funicular from Schwyz-Stoos.

Once you’ve arrived at the resort you basically get to choose between two sides, either going up to Fronalpstock or to Klingenstock.

Fronalpstock is off to the right and has two chair lifts; it is well worth going all the way to the top because the view is absolutely stunning. We had lunch overlooking the lake and the day was so clear that we could even make out the lake of Zürich in the far distance.

view from the terrace

The slopes here are nice wide red runs, and we took great pleasure in skiing down them over and over again.

slope on the Fronalpstock side


After lunch we went over to the Klingenstock and I must admit that this was a tad beyond my comfort zone so, as previously, I found a spot in the sun to enjoy a Kaffe Zwetschg whilst Rolf and Isabelle went down a couple of times including the black run. If a 7 year old can go down, then a slightly more confident skier than me can probably also make it!

For beginners there are a couple of blue runs in the village and a ski village for toddlers.

But the great thing about Stoos is that there are loads of alternatives to skiing including air boarding. This looks like so much fun: barreling down specially designated slopes on your stomach on an air board. Crazy and fun, right?

There also is loads of opportunities to go snow shoeing too and the vista is what makes Stoos so unique. You are surrounded by the Alps and can see many other famous resorts.

The only downside to Stoos is that you cannot ski down to you car, you are reliant on either the cable car or the funicular and this is where you need to think carefully before you plan your day. On a sunny, week-end day, the funicular leaving from Schwyz makes the most sense, because it can carry a lot more people then the cable car which only has room for 20 people.

We had parked in Stoos as we had planned to go to Swiss Holiday Park but when we saw the line of people waiting for the cable car we decided to go and wait in the comfort of the Seminar and Wellnesshotel Stoos, and with hindsight, we could probably have enjoyed our spa experience there, had dinner and then caught the cable car back down. The hotel looks really nice and the wellness very promising.

Will I be going to Stoos again? Most definitely and this time I might even stay overnight and try some air boarding!

Ticket information is here.

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