Take out food in Luzern: the app that changed it all

A few weeks ago  it was Valentine’s day and we decided to celebrate. Yes, even cynics like ma’self are indeed entitled to some moments of cheesiness. So was it flowers and chocolates?  A beautifully wrapped copy of Fifty shades of grey? (rolls her eyes in complete disgust). No. If you don’t know me by now through some previous posts lemme tell you: I am all about food.

Since we didn’t like the idea of fighting for a table surrounded by googly eyed couples, we settled for take out. And just cuz we were feeling “wild” we gave the  eat.ch a go. I must say, I am a changed woman. The only thing I have to say is that I wish the choice of restaurants was broader (the app works almost all across switzerland and other cities seem to enjoy more variety), but all in all Luzern still has a decent selection of  Italians, Asians, and even Mexican.

As were giving into our Chinese fusion cravings, I couldn’t help but notice how simple that the whole process was: you register, you take your pick from the menu, you wait 45 minutes, you hear your door ringing and voilá: tasty dinner is served. No cash in the house? no problem at all, most providers work with credit cards and even  paypal so you can foot the bill online.

Now, am I saying that we didn’t have take out food in Luzern before? No, I am just saying it wasn’t as easily organized and simple. In fact this system is so accessible that you might end up being tempted to over do it which trust me, your finances won’t appreciate. Yet, how great is it to be lured into a bon vivant little routine every now and then?

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