LUGA – The local county fair

If there is one fair that no local will miss then the LUGA must be it. It is a huge county fair which takes up the whole Allmend open space, with livestock, but also countless stands selling everything from cherry stone warming cushions to whirlpools. There are several stages offering various entertainment through-out the day and loads of places for children to run around, pet animals, try their hand at origami or rock climbing and many restaurants and food stands to stop for refreshments.

A favourite for big and small is the Lunapark which is adjacent to the fair and offers many rides both gentle and crazy.

Tickets to the fair costs CHF 15.- per adult (CHF 10.- after 16:00)

The fair is open from 10:00 to 18:30 and the Lunapark from 11:00 to 22:00 (24:00 on week-ends)

There is the SBahn 14 and extra buses to take you there, and you can get a combination train/ticket which gets you in 20% cheaper.

The fair will open on April 24 and run until May 3.

So for a slice of Central Switzerland culture be sure to visit the LUGA.



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