Throw Out Old Junk – Free Of Charge

Spring cleaning is in full swing here in Canton Nidwalden. We have a special day for each village where everyone can throw out old junk -free of charge. It’s called “Sperrgut” – bulky goods. I noticed that it began a few days ago in Stans, April 24 it’s scheduled for Beckenried and Buochs. Most of the other villages in Nidwalden are scheduled for next week but Ennetbürgen is not scheduled until May 22.

Click here to find the schedule for Luzern.

I drive around and see big piles of loot that look like this. I think it’s fascinating to see what people throw out, and yes I did watch Sanford and Son when I was a kid- now I watch American Pickers.

When the weather is good, often the piles will begin to amass a few days in advance of pick-up. Sofas, and baby car seats stay dry and appear early for the taking. Everyone is busy rummaging- the “Rid-ers” and the “Pickers”. The Rid-ers are cleaning out their homes and kellers ridding themselves of any unnecessary clutter. The Pickers (that would be me) are swerving off the road and dragging large heaps of unwanteds to their automobiles, heaving and pushing until they can manage to carry their treasures away.

Whats that under a big pile of old chairs and junk? Why it’s a perfectly good little cabinet,for your liquor storage perhaps or maybe family photo albums?

It’s a great time to find discarded planters and beautiful old pots, or furniture just begging for a fresh coat of paint. I have brought home many great treasures in the last year, just look at the goodies that can be picked up for FREE ( my favorite four letter word!).

If you live in Nidwalden, you can find out when your village is scheduled by talking to the local geminde, or (in German) by clicking here . This event usually takes place twice a year once in spring and once in fall.

For Luzern

The canton of Luzern also has a recycling schedule but they will not recycle all your junk, you do have to go the Oekihofs and drop your things off, the only thing besides, paper, compost, cardboard and clothing that they pick up is old metal.

We published a post a while back explaining the garbage and recycling system in Luzern which you can find here.

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