We are proud to show our revamped website:

Today we are proud to launch our revamped website as

Since its creation Living in Luzern has gone through many changes, the last being with the addition of our project the LiLi Centre. After 3 years the LiLi centre continues to be a home from home for many. A place to go for those looking to connect, grow and thrive whilst living in Switzerland. Meanwhile our website has over 1000 blogs about various aspects and it has become apparent that the news we share very often applies to much more than just Lucerne or central Switzerland.

This is why we have decided to change our name to represent the fact that a lot of our news is of national value, and to bring our project the LiLi Centre under the fold of this website. This way people do not have to go searching through two websites to get all the information they need. It is all here under one roof.

We hope that you like our new sections and are open to hear any suggestions for improvement. We are also looking for bloggers from all over Switzerland who would like to write about the region where they live so that this blog continues its growth.

Next week we will also be changing our social media presence, so look out for our new sleek design.

On November 2nd we will be celebrating our rebranding with a gala at the Grand Casino in Lucerne and you are welcome to come and join us. This will not only be the opportunity to take part in a fun evening but also to raise funds for some of the LiLi Centre’s projects. You can find out more here.

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