Kids Activities in Autumn

Here are some suggestions for outings around Lucerne with little ones.

Now that the days are cooling taking your little one to the lido is less of an option, but you still want to enjoy the outside life. Here are some activity suggestions.

The Lido may be officially closed but the playground (and kiosk) will be open all winter so this still is an option. Opening hours here.

A bit further out of Lucerne is the Meggen Castle. There is a great farm and playground here for kids to enjoy.

Kids absolutely love the LiLiput Trains found at the Chärnsmatt in Rothenburg. Open on sunny days usually until November, this is a fun place for all. More information here.

Not too far is Toni’s Zoo. This small zoo offers a nice opportunity to see animals up and personal. It is a nice outing for little ones. More information here.

The Trumpf Buur restaurant in Ebikon, not only offers a great brunch but also a playground, mini golf and a petting zoo. More information here.

For rainy days the Kids Arena in Emmen is a big indoor playzone, that will keep little ones delighted for hours. More information here.

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