Indoor play areas for kids

With the days getting cooler and shorter it is slowly but surely time to be heading indoors with the kids for some fun playtime, but where?

We have put together some suggestions for you.

Swiss Museum of Transport: Of course this place is a favourite of ours and with a yearly family membership costing CHF 140.- and the last 3 months of this year thrown in, it would be a shame to miss out on hours of fun!

The Natural Museum, History Museum and Art Museum all run children friendly programmes. The Rosengarten Museum also has child friendly tours.

Kinderland Luzern is run by Katja Sciarmella, herself a mum of two. It is a lovely place to take your little ones, with lots of courses being offered for both children and parents.

The Kids Arena in Emmen offers a great indoor play area for little ones and slightly bigger ones too! My eight year old loves it!

If you don’t mind traveling a bit the Trampolino in Dietikon is huge! It offers plenty of entertainment for kids ages 2 to 15.

Planeta Magic in Wädenswil offers a similar outing experience (if somewhat on a smaller scale.

When the kids are a bit older then it can be a bit more challenging ti keep them amused.

But why not take them bouldering or climbing? there is a centre right downtown. Eiselin Sport Center is next to the ice rink.



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