Finding a mechanic in Nidwalden

Engine light comes on, panic strikes. To top it off, you are in a foreign country even if it is where you are living.

It’s so convenient to bring home groceries and bags of potting soil in your new car, and awfully nice for weekend road trips too. Now it’s time to give back- the car needs an oil change and where should you take it?

No one likes routine maintenance and especially car failure, but if you own your own vehicle its important to know a trustworthy mechanic that can get you up and running again. Here is a short list of Garages that offer routine service and repairs in Kanton Nidwalden:

On the Western side of Kanton Nidwalden lies the village of Buochs, home to a disproportionate number of Expats (most speak English) thanks to Pilatus Aviation. Here you will find my favourite and highest recommended garage Schweizer Tunig.

Schweizer Tunig
Fadenbrücke 10, 6374 Buochs
041 622 02 55

They are located directly in front of the Toyota Dealership just on your left (look for the huge American flag hanging on the wall inside ~A great reason to take you car here).

They specialize in old American cars but also are completely competent with all newer models as well. We drive a VW Kombi- they keep it running great. One of the things I love the most is that they always arrange for me to drive a loaner car when I drop off my vehicle,  at no extra cost. These guys speak enough English to work with you but the part-time office manager speaks EXCELLENT English so if you have additional questions or need help she can assist you. This is particularly convenient when the time comes to resolve the bill, which I have to say, is very reasonable and for Switzerland might just be considered a bargain (another great reason to take you car here). Yes I am biased. 

On the other side of Kanton Nidwalden in the village of Stansstad you will find a Friendly Mechanic working in a small garage called Auto Friedheim, named after the owner René Friedheim who can competently provide for your automotive needs. He also said that he will provide a loaner car while repairs are being made.

Auto Friedheim
Galgenried 4, 6370 Stans
041 611 14 80

He was recommended by a friend of mine who says that he is very honest and willing to speak enough English to manage an appointment and repair “no problem”. And if explanations are more complicated than your ability to communicate with each other, he has perfectly proficient friends and family a phone call away that can happily translate.


In the Nidwalden capitol of Stans the garage Amstutz.

Breitenweg 2, 6370 Stans
041 610 69 69

Located very close to the exit Stans-Sud. They are across the street from Coop Ba&Hobby at the Honda Dealership but service all cars. We took our car here for a routine service: oil change, top off fluids, etc. Several of the staff spoke good English and they were quick and responsive. They offered a ride back and forth to work while the car was being serviced. They were quick and fairly priced but when we received the bill we were in sticker shock. It was the first time we had car maintenance in Switzerland and weren’t exactly prepared for labor cost here. In comparison they are priced higher than Schweizer Tunning.

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