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If you’ve been looking for work you know that looking online is a necessary part of your job search, but where to look and how should you approach applying for the position. Here we attempt to help you optimize your online job search:

There are several online search tools:

Job Search is very straightforward, you enter what you are looking for and the zip code or town you are looking into. It will then bring up any jobs that might relate with this., asks for your C.V. and then find jobs that suit your profile. This is not ideal as it takes the decision making process out of your hands so be sure to write a c.v. that represents as many of your skills as you can. offers job at management level, their website is in English is the local newspaper-s job portal, the jobs offered here are specific to central Switzerland. is another local portal.

Online Networking is the business networking platform online and if you haven’t already got a profile here be sure to do it now. Once that you have set up your profile and your professional background, linkedin will start offering your jobs that match your profile. It’s a bit hit and miss, but who knows that right opportunity might turn up. is the Swiss equivalent and probably makes equally sense for you to have a profile here and join as many groups as you can. Be sure to join our J.I.F.F. group as well as the official local Xing group: XING Ambassador Gruppe Zentralschweiz. In both cases the free membership is enough to start with.

Internations  is the local expat business network, they have regular meetings where you can make business contacts.

Whenever you go to any event be sure to have some business cards to hand out, and remember it might be happening in a bar/restaurant but you could be talking to a future employer or colleague  so be professional, friendly and not too pushy.


Business Development produced a really nice factsheet explaining the basics about working here.

Be sure to check out our post about writing a C.V. for the Swiss market

And feel free to contact our J.I.F.F. personnel should you need any further help and come along to one of our information coffee mornings or one of our networking events.



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