Enjoying Switzerland on a budget

We all know that Switzerland is expensive without a Swiss salary, if you haven’t managed to find your dream job (and dream salary!) yet in Switzerland, then these tips are for you! If you have any additions or other suggestions, please leave them in the comments!

1. Public Transport

Even though it is very common in Switzerland to have the halbtax, I want to include it for the people who do not (yet). With the halbtax, you are able to travel to your destination for half price(!). You can get your halbtax at the SBB counter at the Luzern Bahnhof for CHF 185,-. The second  year you can renew your halbtax for CHF 165,-. As traveling by train in Switzerland is expensive the discounts are thus also large. Even if you just travel once per month by train, where the train ticket will be approximately CHF 31,- without halbtax it will benefit you (185/12 = +- CHF 15).

2. Groceries

Not only can you save money with the fidelity cards from Coop and Migros, you could also consider going to the discount supermarkets. Those supermarkets include Denner, Aldi and Lidl. The products you can get at the discount supermarkets do not differ much from the more premium supermarkets but can save you lots (up to products with approximately 1/3rd of the price!).

3. Snow’n’Rail

This is a budget tip, especially for the Swiss winter. With Snow’n’Rail you can get up to 50 percent discount on your train ticket and ski pass. Please check the website of the SBB to find their current discounts. Tickets can be bought at the SBB counter or one of the ticket machines. When you have halbtax, this will even further reduce your price.

Current discounts can be found here

4. Andermatt

Another budget tip for the winter is the ski ticket in Andermatt. Even though I would like to keep this deal to myself, as it can get quite busy on the slopes, I think you deserve to know about this amazing deal too. Andermatt gives out amazing discounts on several Wednesdays in the season to go skiing, for only CHF 10,-(!!!!).

The days left for 2019 are:

  • 13.03.19
  • 20.03.19
  • 27.03.19

You can buy the tickets online or directly at the counter in Andermatt!

5. Luftseilbahn Brienzer Rothorn

The gondola up to Brienzer Rothorn costs only CHF 10,- for adult hikers and CHF 5,- for children under 16. I do not know of any better deals for gondolas with such an amazing view. You will be able to see famous mountains like Pilatus, Rigi, Jungfrau, Eiger, Monch and many many many more. In addition, you get an amazing view over the Brienzersee, with it’s amazing blue colour!

For more information you can click here

6. Hiking in general

This is more a tip for in summer if you want to have amazing views but do not want to spend a lot of money is hiking the mountains. Even though I would advise to buy some good equipment like hiking shoes, it will in the long run not cost you much money. We are very lucky in Luzern to be surrounded by amazing mountains. 

7. Taking a boat ride

Even though you might think that this would be a suggestion for in the summer, it is also amazing in the winter on a clear day! The advantage of going in winter is that it will be less crowded on the boat. A return boat trip from Luzern to Weggis back to Luzern will cost you CHF 19,- with halbtax. The time spend in the boat is approximately 40 minutes one way and very enjoyable. You will be able to find the time table for the boats at SBB.ch

A while ago a blog post called “Saving Money in Luzern” was published which you can find here. Here you could find information on saving money in Luzern, as we all know that Switzerland is expensive without a Swiss salary.

A little recap on this blog post:
– Check how you can save money on public transport in Switzerland
– Save money with the sportscard if you enjoy swimming or ice skating
– Consider getting a museum pass (for two consecutive days) if you enjoy visiting museums or have guests in town
– Take advantage of the Coop and Migros fidelity card 

Let us know if you like this kind of posts and we could possibly make a third edition, and if you have great saving tips please share them!

Happy saving,

Your LiLi Centre team.

This blog is for information purposes only.

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