Znüni News – Tuesday February 12

Yesterday the British minister for international affairs, Liam Fox, was in Bern to discuss trade deals with Switzerland in case of a “disorderly” Brexit, basically a no-deal Brexit. The good news, whether orderly or not, Brits currently living in Switzerland will be allowed to stay. In either cases goods, flights and financial transactions will remain the same. However in case of a disorderly Brexit it will be harder for Brits arriving in the country after March 30th to get a working permit should they want to live here. Mr Fox did stress that Britain is very much hoping to reach a deal with the EU in which case the current situation should remain unchanged.

The canton Lucerne now has the dubious “honour” of being the canton with the greatest difference between men and women’s salaries in Switzlerand. Whereas the average income is CHF 6000.- a month, men average CHF 6400.- a month whilst women earn an average of  CHF 5300.- for the same job. Even worse the difference has got greater since 2014 when it was only CHF 900.- , now it is CHF 1100.-. There still is a long way to go for parity of salaries.

It is relatively rare for there to be armed robberies in the area which is why we are highlighting the following: on Saturday night two masked men barged into the Pfistern restaurant and threatened staff there with knives before making away with the cash takings for the night, a similar thing happened the next day at a gas station in Kriens, this time the man had a gun. Hopefully this will still remain a rare event.


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