The best mobile apps to hack your life in Luzern

Recently we reached out to our community on Facebook for suggestions as to the mobile apps which provide real value to folks living in Luzern. We received a remarkable amount of feedback. We have broken down almost 20 mobile apps that can improve your life here in Switzerland. Some you may know but we are hoping that many you haven’t heard of before but will soon be on your phone or tablet.

In our reviews we summarize the core functionalities (along with some screenshots). We are also focused on telling you who will benefit most from the app and the value it can bring to you. We’ve also looked at each app with an eye on the user experience, the ease-of-use, the visual design, whether it allows customization or personalization, and whether it uses the unique attributes of a mobile device (e.g. geolocation, camera, accelerometer).

Some of the apps we’ve reviewed could be part of your daily life while others may do one thing but does it well and provides the right information exactly when you need it. Among the apps covered include :

• The amazing relaunched SBB app which is the easiest way to get from point A to B using any means of public transport.

• Two augmented reality apps to let you know what peaks you are looking at (PeakVisor & Peak Finder)

• An app that lets you know the real-time availability of parking spaces at each Luzern parking lot (Parking Me)

• A web service (including a mobile app) that let’s you design any hike or mountain bike trip and the sync it all to your phone (SchweizMobil)

• Find out your area recycling centers and where to take all the strange things you want to throw away (Recycling CH)

• Get the low down on all the weather info for your weekend destination (MeteoSwiss)

Check our digital life section for more.

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