Znüni News – Tuesday January 30

Tessin wants to control any work contracts for foreigners to make sure that they are not the victim of „salary-dumping“, i.e. lower salaries than what Swiss would earn. This in an effort to make sure that foreigners are not being employed simply because they are cheaper. The government refers to this decision as a bureaucratic monster, saying that it would be impossible to implement, whilst others see this as quite a good way to make sure that everyone gets a fair deal.

As you know, it is obligatory to have health insurance if you live in Switzerland. In the canton of Lucerne the consequences of not doing so or not paying any medical bills will result in you being blacklisted. Meaning that you will only receive the most urgent care should something happen. Should you be insured but not uptodate on your dues or not have paid a bill your insurance will not cover you except in the most urgent cases. The number of people blacklisted in the canton jumped to nearly 4000 last year as a result of cuts in social aid.

The Mall of Switzerland has been beleaguered with stories of causing massive traffic jams, as a consequence the parliament hopes to allieviate the problem by investing 14.5 million francs in extending the trolleybus 1 route all the way to the Mall. They are also creating a 12 million franc bus hub in Ebikon. This is not to the liking of the SVP party who argued that had both projects been put together it would have had to go to a referendum and charges the parliament of having purposefully not done so. However the parliamentary majority voted in favour of both projects, so be prepared for more road works in the coming years.


[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Saying of the day: Anfang und Ende Januar, zeigen das Wetter für‘s ganze Jahr. The beginning and end of January show the weather for the whole year.[/perfectpullquote]

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