A day at the Swiss Museum of Transport

When I planned to visit the Swiss Museum of Transport I did not know what a fun ride I was in for (pun intended). Built in 1959, it is the most important exhibition of technology in Switzerland and the country’s most visited museum. But more importantly, it’s so much fun! I had a blast and wandered around the whole time with a big smile on my face. This from a girl that’s more into fashion than Fiats.

Planes, trains and automobiles… and boats!

This giant museum is actually composed of six different halls, four of which I visited. During my two and a half hour tour, I saw rail transport, road transport, navigation and aviation. They also have a cableways hall and the Hans Erni Museum but I ran out of time to see everything before I had to head to my next appointment. These halls are filled with a wealth of information, fun facts and interactive games that make visiting and learning a super dynamic experience! Seeing these majestic machines from high above or down below gives you a totally different perspective than when you are using them as a passenger. They are truly impressive creations and finding out about the inner workings just adds to the appreciation we should have for something most of us take for granted.

There is a lot of sensory participation with quizzes, games, and even train, race car and helicopter flight simulators!

Such an exciting interest-packed place of discovery!

As you can see from these photos, the museum is great for kids and for adults alike. Children can spend their energy on games and are actually allowed to get on certain of the objects on display. You don’t have to worry about them keeping quiet or touching something they aren’t supposed to. There are also a ton of fun learning aspects for them. For the grown ups too of course. You can literally spend a whole day exploring the various halls and hidden corners until your feet simply can’t carry you around anymore.

Visiting this magical place truly was a treat. Speaking of treats, the cherry on the Sunday was my tour of their Swiss Chocolate Adventure. More on that in an upcoming post but until then, consider this a teaser:


For the Swiss Museum of Tranport’s full address and a map of their location, click on the My Guide Luzern icon below. You can also visit the museum’s website at www.verkehrshaus.ch.


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