5 family friendly things to do on a winter Sunday

Winter and Sunday put together scream only one thing: couch time. But there are only so many re-runs of  your favorite show you can watch. Plus, dealing with the “I am bored” your kids will throw at you every ten minutes can be a lot more exhausting than doing any of the things we will propose. Literally.

1-Buy an inexpensive dutch oven and go for a walk in the surrounding woods. Wrap yourselves in something warm, pick up a few blankets and have an “outdoors” älplermagrone. If  you take line 8 all the way to the last stop, you will find yourself at the start of the Würzenbach-Wald. There is a place there to make fire. If the weather is clear, the view going up the Meggen Wald is stunning. If you don’t fancy carrying all that gear, do it in someone’s garden or just opt for the ever so fancy Wurst in a stick. Your children will love it.

2-Wake up in a barn. (what???) if you are not familiar with Eigenthal, in the neighbouring canton Nidwalden, check their website. There are quite a few options to choose from: snowshoe walks, a “slumber party” in a heated barn that includes a full on countryside breakfast, a relaxing time in a wooden hot tub, and more.

3-If you are an adult, playgrounds are probably not your idea of a fun afternoon. Just take one for the team and try Kids Arena in Emmen.

4-Cake and boats, who would have thought of that? Well, the people of www.lakelucerne.ch came up with the brilliant idea of combining the two together and they designed a special trip aboard their”Torten-Schiff”. It runs daily at 14.12 and it goes all the way to Beckenried and back. You probably work hard on keeping your little one’s diet healthy but hey, broccoli would hardly get them so excited.

5-Have a look at the Luzerner’s Theater website.  They have puppeteer shows frequently, but not every Sunday so make sure to plan in advanced. Nobody will hold it against you if you happen to love them too!


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