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COURSE: How to Talk So Kids Will Listen: an Introduction to Positive Discipline

A parenting course for moms and dads who are committed to learning effective ways of fostering their children’s respect, cooperation and trust.

Course takes place in two parts on Saturday 17 and 31 January 2015 13:30- 17:00h.

You will also receive a private phone consultation and the book, Positive Discipline, included with registration.

At a private home: Grudligstrasse 16, Emmen (LU)

Click here for information and registration for the course.

Kathleen Hennessy, PeaceWorks Coaching

Have you read all the parenting books and talked to your pediatrician, friends and family, but still feel like you’re not sure what to do in the heat of the moment? Well, join the crowd of parents who feel this way (most). Most parents I meet confess that they raise their voice and lose their patience much more than they like. And most parents complain that their kids don’t listen and they fight with each other.

While it’s true that there are no recipes and no solution works 100% of the time, PeaceWorks Coaching does have some tips and tricks which take a lot of the stress and the battles out of parenting. As a mother of two sons and having “parented” hundreds of children while working at an international boarding school for 18 years, I certainly had many moments of feeling like I didn’t know what to do or say next and being very dissatisfied with whatever I was doing.

I turned to the wisdom of Positive Discipline from Jane to provide kind and firm discipline which is at once mutually respectful and very loving. You can learn skills which invite cooperation and self-responsibility and foster self-confidence and competence. You will feel happier as a parent and your kids will see you as a parent who believes in their ability to learn from mistakes and to become participating, contributing members of the family.

Parent educator Kathleen Hennessy, MSW, now a dual citizen CH/USA, guides stressed and frustrated parents to establish a loving, laughing, learning family life with positive discipline which fosters cooperation, self-responsibility and strong confidence. Her popular workshops, talks, and 1:1 coaching and parenting programs have transformed the lives of 100s of families since 1983. Kathleen draws on a wealth of experience in family counseling and progressive education to support families to find the approach that best suits their unique needs and values. Kathleen loves her work and carries a torch for a peaceful world through peace in families.

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