Znüni News – Wednesday September 21

Activists climbed on top of the KKL yesterday to hang a large banner with “Fossil fuels belong in the ground” written on it yesterday. This was in protest of the “Schlumberger Digotal Forum” which was taking place in the KKL and where Saudi Aramco, ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips were taking part. Under the motto of “connecting for a new future”, the congress was looking at more eco-friendly ways of extracting oil from the ground.

Meanwhile the city of Lucerne is expanding its capacity to heat homes with water from the lake. This project was created in 1982 and was recently renovated for CHF 20 million by EWL. This project can provide heat and warm water for 3700 homes in the city and the idea is to expand this effort as this way of creating heat is nearly CO2 neutral.

No more annoying marketing cold calls, this is what parliament is trying to make happen by only allowing insurance companies to call someone if they have an existing relation with them. They face fines of up to CHF 10 000.- if they break the rules. Unfortunately this does not apply to all coldcallers. We have written some tips on how to deal with those here.

The Blue Balls Festival is no more. Due to the director’s ill health, the summer music festival is cancelled for the foreseable future.

Pharmasuisse is warning that there currently is a shortage of certain medicines being delivered to pharmacies. This is because a lot of medicine is fabricated in China and, because of their Zero-Covid strategy, many factories have been closed over longer periods leading to a back-up of orders.

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