Znuni News – Wednesday September 12

Don’t be surprised if it feels like summer today. Temperatures are expected to reach close to 30° celsius by this afternoon but make the most of it as temperatures will then begin to cool down again in the coming days and we head into autumnal weather.

The Luzerner Theater is in need of renovation. This fact is accepted by all but no one seems to know whether to tear the building down or simply renovate what is currently our local theatre. The town commissioned a report into the various possibilities and architects have come up with lots of suggestions, the cost of which varies between 17 and 20 million francs. Keeping the theatre open until 2025 with basic renovations would cost close to 3.7 million francs per year alone. Hopefully the city will soon make a decision on what to do.

A drunken tagger was arrested after being chased by the police and jumping into the Reuss to attempt to escape. He was found to have several spraycans in his backpack and to be quite drunk. Maybe the swim sobered him up?


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